the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale

Space Debris is hosting the  the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale again as the Turkey Embassy in Istanbul.

THE WRONG EMBASSY NETWORK 2017 consists of art Institutions, galleries, and artist studios that serve as meeting points for generating live events, AFK/IRL exhibitions and lectures. Part of the exhibitions –online pavilions—are accessible with a simple internet connection.

Space Debris is the Wrong Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. A preview of the online pavilion curated by the Turkish new media artist Haydi Roket title “GFX Free Error” will take place at Space Debris from November 2st to 26th as part of the Wrong digital biennial, accessible worldwide on November 1st.

The online edition of the exhibition will open on November 1st with the rest of the Wrong Digital Biennale network

For more information on the Wrong(again) New Digital Art Biennale go to

Exhibition: November 21st-26th 2017
Opening Reception: November 21st, 18:30 Istanbul Time
Online Pavillion: November 1st, 2017 to January 31st 2018

GFX Error happens when video card starts malfunctioning and becomes unable to project the image. But does a broken image represent a fault or it’s a new reality all together?
Do we merely create new realities from these faults? If it’s the sole truth, then what happens to those broken realities around us?
Sometimes, our vision is not what it seems and it always changes when we look at visual inabilities.

Artists: Adam Ferris, Chris Cacavas, Domenico Barra, Esra Özkavcı, Flavio Scutti, Hexeosis, Jacques Urbanska, Jean Guillaume Le Roux, Kate Parsons, Kenaim, Michael Systaime Borras, Peter Rahul, Raquel Meyers, Sholim, Subtlegraces, Tachyons+, Thomas Cheneseau, Tom Galle, Trapers, V5mt, Yoshi Sodeoka, Uğur Engin Deniz

Curator: Haydi Roket