Ruzgar Polat “Dim Light”

January 3, 2018 Current Uncategorized

Ruzgar Polat’s first solo exhibition is on view at SPACE DEBRIS, until January 6th, 2018. To see images from the exhibition you may click here
The artist describes his works as:

“I revealed the darkness that has been holding my emotions in its hands for a while, the fight within myself, with the exact forms and colors. I wanted to paint that moment of losing faith. The moment where most colors disappeared from my vision and the period that made me realize their deep influence.”

“…The weight the world is the main reason for the chaos within me. My works are my factual beings, the only place I can show this chaos. It is the best condition I can show my spiritual power to the world and to myself. And it is for this reason, I am looking to find a way to touch the soul through my creations; so that anyone can feel free to enter its empty spaces, and replace their own vision in place of the void faces..There is no end to this game I built upon my reality, people around me and my imagination, just like our minds.”

To see images from the exhibition you may click here
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