“Darkroom Talks” is a podcast series from SPACE DEBRIS in Istanbul. Up-to-date art talks about the industry, innovative projects, artists and their most current work – specifically artists and curators’ most recent projects related to @SpaceDebrisArt

The episodes alternate from english to turkish consecutively.

Season 02 Episode 05 | “the Feeble Giant Hush Now”
In this episode Space Lady Seyhan and Space Girl extra-ordinaire astrophysicist Jeremy run into a modern day Barbarella and a contemporary Antigone in Space Debris.

S02 Episode 04 / MCPS Recording Studio at 5533 
Jeremy and Seyhan make their way over to the Manifaturacilar Carsisi in Unkapani, the oldest record district known in Istanbul history. They visit the recording studio set up as part of an artist project by Can Altay and Saz Arkadaslari produced by Amira Arzik, where they have been hosting musicians and performers for recording sound tracks, as well as allowing podcast recording time. Taking part in Studio 5533, formerly a shop in the Textile Traders Market (IMC), a contemporary art space founded by artists Nancy Atakan and Volkan Aslan, the project spanned over two months.

Season 02 Episode 03 |GFX Free Error
Space Debris in-house astrophysicist Jeremy Dalmas catches Space Lady Seyhan Musaoglu in action with new media artist Mert Keskin setting up the new show at Space Debris “GFX Free Error” as the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale Istanbul Embassy. Curated by Haydi Roket, the Istanbul Wrong pavilion includes works by artists Adam Ferris, Chromo Valdez, Domenico Barra, Esra Özkavcı, Flavio Scutti, Hexeosis, Jacques Urbanska, Jean Guillaume Le Roux, Kate Parsons, Kenaim, Michael Systaime Borras, Peter Rahul, Raquel Meyers, Sholim, Subtlegraces, Tachyons+, Thomas Cheneseau, Tom Galle, Trapers, V5mt, Yoshi Sodeoka, Uğur Engin Deniz. The exhibition will be open from November 21st to 26th, online biennial will be open through January.

Season 02 Episode 02 |Etem Sahin’s Instruments
In this episode of Space Debris Podcast Seyhan and Jeremy travel to see Etem Sahin’s art exhibition “Instruments” organised by Gizem Karakas at Galeri 5 in Umraniye. The exhibition may be seen until December 29th.

Season 2 | Darkroom Talks 6 | “Space Shuttle Takes Off”
In this episode, Space Debris introduces its new season the Space Debris Darkroom Talks 2.0

Astrophysicist and newly initiated Space Girl Jeremy Dalmas and founding director of Space Debris, Space Lady Seyhan Musaoglu introduce the new new season, where they will travel in their space shuttle around Istanbul to investigate the city’s art exhibitions.

Darkroom Talks 5 – “Aletheia”


Darkroom Talks 4 – “Creative Çukurcuma”

SD- Darkroom Talks 3 – AIRMAIL PROJECT

Darkroom Talks 2 “Why are you being so rough on me?”

DarkroomTalks 1 -“SOAPBOX”