Piotr Kurek & Lutto Lento // Performance


Piotr Kurek and Lutto Lento will be performing at Space Debris Istanbul on May 29 at 8pm, as part of their 2014 European Tour. We hope you can join us for this aural festivity celebrating the 600th year of the relations between Poland and Turkey.

PIOTR KUREK is a Warsaw-based musician, also known under PIETNASTKA and HEROINY monikers. Since 2006 he has collaborated with a long list of contemporary dance and theatre companies, music labels, and artists. He participated in numerous music and theatre festivals, including: Transmediale, Unsound, Elevate, UH Fest, Baltic Festival and many others. Kurek creates fantastic and mysterious songs filled with beautiful, fairy vintage synth melodies and sometimes bizarre vocals. His music is often harmonic,rhytmical and loud. For fans of Loch Ness, crystal skull and other legends. He’s also a part of projects like SLEPCY or SUAVES FIGURES.

LUTTO LENTO is Lubomir Grzelak, the owner of Sangoplasmo Records, sound artist, musician and weird dance music disc jockey based in Warsaw. During his live performances, Lutto Lento uses self-cut cassette loops, different unknown objects, microphones and pedal effects to create extraordinary sound collages,a psychedelic mixture of experimental music and mysterious melodies sometimes based on a deeply analogue, raw rhythm.


“Electronic artist Piotr Kurek, whose dense
synth explorations remind me of Laurie Spiegel,
but dissonant, loud, and swarming.”

“It’s and unsettling process, akin to watching
someone make pancakes while a voiceover
describes how to transect a duodenal ulcer.”

“When it comes to his concept of time and
eclecticism, Piotr Kurek is all over the place.”

 “Lutto Lento is a lone ranger, making uncompromising
decisions when it comes
both to publishing and making music.”


“His work could be described as amusing
takes on the aforementioned style or
extreme hauntology. One of the most refreshing
takes on the industrial idea.”

“It’s a mighty strange cross between 90’s/
early 2000’s dance music aesthetics, mangled
vocal samples and endless warping
and distortion of the magnetic tape.”