Metromorphic Varieties

September 30, 2016 Uncategorized


Julie Upmeyer “The Metromorphic Varietes”, Curator: Seyhan Musaoglu

Opening Reception: October 1st, Saturday 6-8pm
Visitor Hours: October 2nd, 7th & 8th 12-6pm
Other days by appointment- time slots: wednesdays 2-6pm and Thursdays 10:00am-1pm
(you may reserve a time by emailing )


TOZ Artist Run Space, Talimhane  no:19B Yeldeğirmeni Kadıköy/ İstanbul

Space Debris project “The Metromorphic Varities” by Julie Upmeyer curated by Seyhan Musaoğlu will be hosted at TOZ artist run space. The opening will be on Saturday evening, October 1st.

Julie Upmeyer is an artist and initiator whose work is strengthened by its multi-layered nature.She is not only interested in the many layers of the material she uses, but also in the layers of the culture that inspires her. Her images offer a complex world of multi-faceted imagery in a simple way, creating a profound language tied into the space in which it is exhibited.

‘The Metromorphic Varieties’ proposes a possible future step in evolution – animals evolving to blend into the built world, disguising themselves with the patterns and colors of the city. Using and adapting the principles of dazzle and disruptive camouflage, Upmeyer illustrates this futuristic urban scenario. Cats, birds, turtles and rabbits, all common features of city life, are presented camouflaged in front of a panorama cityscape.

The first camouflages are in fact ones found in nature, allowing plants and animals to avoid predators and blend in with their surroundings, attracting as little attention as possible. Humans, driven mostly by military objectives, have used these techniques to disguise themselves and their machines in these same natural surroundings.

Disruptive camouflage works by breaking up the outlines of the form, often with a strongly contrasting pattern. On its own, this patterning can seem overly decorative and conspicuous (think of a zebra), but in context it provides an effective defense against enemies by confusing form, speed, direction, and size.

Over half of the global population lives in urban areas, as do billions of animals. ‘The Metromorphic Varieties’ imagines how animals could, in the future, become more optically suited for the haphazard, man-made city environment.

Julie Upmeyer creates sculptures and objects, performances and installations. She studied ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design at Grand Valley State University. From her studio in the hardware district of Istanbul, she creates works that combines her many passions: layers and labor, dimensions and dedication to craft, systems, substances, and shiny things. Her work is often the direct result her manipulation of a chosen material, other times she enjoys the challenge of responding to a specific space, place, or theme. She is also the former founder of the Caravansarai Art Space.

TOZ is a non-profit, artist-run art space initiated in 2015 by a collective of four visual artists, (Ece Eldek, Sinem Dişli, Elvan Ekren ve Volkan Kızıltunç) after transforming their studio located in Kadıköy, Istanbul. TOZ provides a collaborative, processbased, informal platform promoting dialogue and exchange through workshops, events, screenings, exhibitions and spatial experiments in the fields of photography and video, particularly on time-based artistic practices, beyond the confines of commercial concerns or limitations.