the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale

→ November 3, 2017

Space Debris is hosting the  the Wrong New Digital Art Biennale again as the Turkey Embassy in Istanbul.

THE WRONG EMBASSY NETWORK 2017 consists of art Institutions, galleries, and artist studios that serve as meeting points for generating live events, AFK/IRL exhibitions and lectures. Part of the exhibitions –online pavilions—are accessible with a simple internet connection.

Space Debris is the Wrong Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. A preview of the online pavilion curated by the Turkish new media artist Haydi Roket title “GFX Free Error” will take place at Space Debris from November 2st to 26th as part of the Wrong digital biennial, accessible worldwide on November 1st.

The online edition of the exhibition will open on November 1st with the rest of the Wrong Digital Biennale network

For more information on the Wrong(again) New Digital Art Biennale go to

Exhibition: November 21st-26th 2017
Opening Reception: November 21st, 18:30 Istanbul Time
Online Pavillion: November 1st, 2017 to January 31st 2018

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Watched You Burn With Pleasure

→ October 22, 2017

“Watched You Burn With Pleasure”, solo exhibition by Cansu Gürsu is on view at Space Debris.
Exhibition Dates: 14 October-18 November, 2017
Curator: Sine Ergün

Cansu Gürsu’s fourth solo exhibition “Watched You Burn With Pleasure” is a tale of becoming one with the inner wild self in correlation to one’s own discovery as a result of losing the known, familiar or decision to leave it. Using her own imagery, as in her past works, Gursu presents the process of this creation in the wholeness of a book. Each material used in her mixed media works, evolves into a discourse which signifies one’s effort to become whole. The exhibition opens on October 14th and may be seen until November 18th.

  It is not a tale that is long, odd nor unfamiliar. No need to be smartened, should be told as is. Had a house in the past. Both inside and outside. Or had not. Was an illusion. Was a dream. Then caught on fire. The dream? Herself? Not clear. She did notice- right? Also unclear. But this is fire, it got itself noticed. Left the house. It was so sudden, she could only take herself with her. Realized that she never saw, in the midst of everything, that she just started seeing. That she wasn’t scared of the wolf, the raven and her shadow anymore. And even more. Couldn’t tell it. Didn’t know the rest yet. Everything she knew in the past had burned- maybe she burned it. She trusted that she dared not to know. She dared, that was enough for now.                Sine Ergün

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