“Cover” | Performance by Cristina Ghinassi

→ June 11, 2016

The performance* taking place in conjunction with the solo exhibition of Bengisu Bayrak “Aletheia” curated by Ali Şimşek, aims to explore the possible meanings of the protectiveness and the reflection given by the space blankets covering the bodies of migrants. Through the heat-reflective blankets, artist uses her presence and body as a mirror to create a possible connection between her, the migrants and the audience.

COVER | Cristina Ghinassi @SPACE DEBRIS | 16th June 2016, 19:30 | Performance, 30 mins.

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“Aletheia” Artist & Curator Talk: June 4th, Saturday 2pm, Space Debris

→ June 3, 2016

Cocuk_2Artist Bengisu Bayrak and her recent solo exhibition’s curator Ali Şimşek will be giving a talk on Bayrak’s latest works currently on view at Space Debris, discussing the concept of  ‘Aletheia’ as well as its relation to current social agenda at 2pm this Saturday.

The talk is in conjunction with the Tophane Artwalk tour starting at 1pm on Saturday, June 4th. If you wish to attend to whole tour, which will include the galleries around Tophane and Karaköy area, you may message Tophane Artwalk on their Facebook page to reserve your place.

In order to attend the artist talk at Space Debris solely, showing up on time at 2pm at the gallery is all you need to do 😉