“Point Counter Point” Exhibition Tour

→ January 21, 2017

There will be an exhibition tour of Space Debris’ current exhibition “Point Counter Point” led by its curator Nesli Gül this Saturday January 21st, at 3pm, with the artists of the group exhibition. No reservation needed, so please be on time. You may find the detailed information on the exhibition here.

The exhibition has been extended until 28th of January due to high demand.

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Conversation & Performance on “Point Counter Point”

→ January 8, 2017

Moderator and Curator: NESLİ GÜL
January 18th, Wednesday, 19:00

 ITIR DEMİR will perform her piece on January 18th at 6:30pm.

Following Itir Demir’s performance, starting at 7pm, a conversation between Ebru Yetişkin and Fırat Arapoğlu will take place at Space Debris, in conjunction with the Space Debris exhibition “Point Counter Point” consisting of new works by artists Itır Demir, Kardelen Fincancı, Özge Topcu and Seher Uysal, and curated by Nesli Gül. The conversation will take a look on the conceptual framework of the exhibition focusing on media and marginalisation through different perspectives and open up a discussion on related matters regarding the works.

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