The Mixup Global Show coming to Istanbul

→ July 20, 2016

THE MIXUP | A global collaboration made of local parts – 41 artists from six cities getting mixed up in each others’ creative process | Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, Los Angeles, London, Medellin |

 Global Show Istanbul Details:

Exhibition: 28.07.2016-13.08.2016
Opening: 28.07.2016, 19:00
Interactive Workshop: 06.08.2016, 3-5pm

The Mixup is 41 artists in six cities getting mixed up in each others’ creative process. Working in groups in the cities (Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, London, Medellín), each artist started a piece, then another artist worked on it, then a third artist finished it. Now come and see what came out of the process. The first global show happened in London in June as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival, the second global show is happening at Space Debris in Istanbul opening on July 28th, and will be travelling to Beirut, Lebanon after this.

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Away From Shelter

→ July 11, 2016

Away From Shelter / Sığınaktan Uzak


“A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model than a neurotic lying on the analyst’s couch” Deleuze & Guattari Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1972).

This ongoing project between two friends, who have seemingly never-ending conversations, is a form of witchcraft. This exhibition is an attempt to capture some of the realizations and directions in their lives as artists – but will it help them? Can images ever lead to action? are the questions the artists are left with.

Inspired by the infamous hard to pin-down photographer Vivian Maier, they take her story of isolation and shifting identities as their starting point, leading them to a painful awareness and a need to express their cognition their own feelings on loneliness. In attempts to redefine the concept of loneliness, they map out the negative and positive aspects of their lived experiences. Is there an upside to the ‘unshelteredness’ of being lonely? Being unsheltered in this manner opens us up to exhilaration and exploratory walks.

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