ALETHEIA- upcoming exhibition

→ May 25, 2016

“Aletheia”, the solo exhibition of Bengisu Bayrak curated by Ali Şimşek, will open on May 28th at Space Debris. Consisting of Bayrak’s most recent works including mixed-media collages and oil paintings, the exhibition will continue through July 2nd, and will also host a performance programme in conjunction with the exhibition, in collaboration with Performistanbul.

ALETHEIA*/ Bengisu Bayrak / 28 May-2 July, 2016 Curator: Ali Şimşek

*Aletheia- Truth – As it was told, the ones who drink from the waters of Lethe River of Hades forget about the agony of the past. “Lethe” stems from “letea”, which means ‘to forget’ in ancient Greek. Forgetting. The truth is covered with the blanket of forgetting.

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→ April 22, 2016

Recently we mostly speak of our effect on nature rather than mentioning the traces that nature leaves on us. It seems like our humanity is gradually getting lost while we are destroying nature; melting glaciers, aridity, diminishing natural resources, communities at war… How are these changes reflected on us, what kind of an effect do they leave on us?

“Faces” is the reflection of our interaction with the nature… the traces of the changes happening around us, leaving their imprints on our faces… this dual exhibition is a story of how these traces and reflections are depicted.

The current image of our Earth, is a catalysis image that 21st century people led to a destruction with their existence, as to verify 20th century existentialist philosopher, Sartre’s claim “l’existence précède l’essence” (existence precedes essence). A human notion that gradually languishes and turns into a machine that disregards its essence without a sense of eco-wisdom… Elvan Ekren and OnstOn (Can Yeşiloğlu) explore this notion of how these faces are portrayed while they create today’s “contemporary” portraits.

Elvan Ekren portrays the reflection of alienated feeling felt in our daily lives with her series “Island of Blinds” and OnstOn with his series “Revenge” shows us the relation between people and nature as an unconscious revenge of the faces that turns into a scene of violence.