Day With(out) Art Premiere Compulsive Practice

→ November 25, 2016

Join Visual AIDS on World AIDS Day for the premiere of COMPULSIVE PRACTICE, our 27th annual Day With(out) Art project, At SPACE DEBRIS Istanbul at 7:30pm.
COMPULSIVE PRACTICE is an hour-long video compilation of compulsive, daily, and habitual practices by nine artists and activists who live with their cameras as one way to manage, reflect upon, and change how they are deeply affected by HIV/AIDS.

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→ November 4, 2016

Space Debris is proud to present Zeynep Birced’s solo exhibition “Obstacles 1-9” opening on November 9th, presenting her most recent works consisting of mixed media installations. The exhibition will run through December 10th.

Obstacle by definition is a thing that impedes, stands in the way of, or hinders progress. More often these obstacles are intangible within the context of creation. Birced meditates on the obstacles one faces both in personal and professional endeavors and confronts the reasons of obstructions by mapping out its enabling factors. She analyzes the absence of reevaluation, questioning whether or not it would evolve into a progress to pro-create. The need to investigate the delicacy of the human condition, inherent in all her works, shows itself in a curious manner, enabling her to formulate her very own obstacles as if they are newly introduced objects in re-defining the contextual structures of human existence.

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