The Gift: Lara Ögel, a letter from the artist

→ February 22, 2017

The gift is a gestural project that will take place in space debris between February 21 through 26.

“Seyhan; founder, director of space debris, invited me to take over the gallery space as a form of atelier and asked me to activate it through my own urgencies. in her own words; Space Debris hopes to re-enact a ‘collective re-conscious’ project through making, creating and conversing. in the light of the current events, we thought it was necessary to bring up the importance of creative production and its sustainability. it is for this reason, we have decided to showcase a ‘mind lab’ of sorts, inviting artists to co-create, and share their thoughts on the mere condition of being, coping and existing in current turmoil of events. 

Instead of materializing a ‘final’ artwork, i wanted to think of a more interactive presence in the space. the project came about when thinking of the archive of photographs of Gülsün Karamustafa gave to me as a gift. the literature behind this project is a lovely book: “The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World”, Lewis Hyde, 2007 which basically breaks down poetically such beautiful facts, some of which i was drawn to: that ‘gift’ is the creative impulse or the unexplained thing that moves the artist to create (and it discusses many works from profound creators, as example Walt Whitman), that the gift is not a commodity, and therefore art is not a commodity, and that the gift must always move. 

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“Gift”, a conversation between Lara Ögel and Gülsün Karamustafa

→ February 22, 2017

**Important reminder the space for the event has changed, we will be upstairs at FiLBooks
“Gift” by Lara Ögel starts today, the studio hours will be until 5pm, and our first event starts tomorrow (February 22nd) with conversation between Ögel and Karamustafa. Hope to see you then.
Gülsün Karamustafa, Lara Ögel in conversation; 5 – 7PM, Wednesday, February 22
Gülsün Karamustafa was invited by Lara Ögel to have a conversation under the concept of gift giving as part of the “Collective Conscious” series at Space Debris. The project was initiated by the group of found photographs from the personal archive of Karamustafa that was given to Ögel as a gift. The conversation between the two artists will be inspired by the archive (the gift) and will expand through the practices and urgencies of their own artistic work.