“NOISE” Digital Festival

→ January 12, 2018

Opening this Friday evening on January 12th between 6-8pm!

Organized by Seyhan Musaoglu of SPACE DEBRIS and curated by artist Mert Keskin, the exhibition will take place at ‘OrjinSanat’ from January 12th to February 17th.**Containing thirty one artists from around the world, the exhibition focuses on meditations of one’s reflections in pixelated realities.

“NOISE” Digital Festival | 12 Ocak/January-17 Şubat/February 2018
Opening Reception: 12th January Friday, 2018 | 6-8pm
Artists: Anthony Antonellis, Cacheflowe, Jon Cates, Thomas Cheneseau, Uğur Engin Deniz, Davidope, Adam Ferriss, Tom Galle, Haydiroket, Hexeosis, Kenaim, Mark Klink, Raquel Meyers, A Bill Miller, Lorna Mills, Paula Morales, Esra Özkavcı, Christian Petersen, Peter Rahul, Elena Romenkova, Flavio Scutti, Sholim, Yoshi Sodeoka, Subtlegraces, Tachyons+, Trapers, Jacques Urbanska, V5MT, Chromo Valdez, XCOPY, Sarah Zucker

**realized by the support of OrjinMaslak, special thanks to the wonderful team.

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“SANCTUARY” C. M. Kösemen

→ January 4, 2018

Space Debris is proud to present new works by artist and researcher C. M. Kösemen showcasing over three years of artistic gestation, in collaboration with Empire Project.  Sanctuary will open in January 18, 2018, and will remain open until February 17, 2018.

This new exhibit, entitled “Sanctuary”, features drawings of “Organic Houses”; architectural fantasies in pencil; alongside Kosemen’s evolving world of subconscious, zoologically inspired fantasy visions.

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