“Time Burglars” Closing Reception | You Too Darling, Gif Showcase

→ March 30, 2017

Space Debris would like to invite you to the closing reception of “Time Burglars” by Rad Dar. This event marks the end of Rad’s first solo exhibition, as well as the first time presentation of his most recent gif works made specifically for the exhibition. Iskeletor will join us with his beats that will keep you dancing, and Ağaçkakan will present his recent piece in collaboration with Rad Dar’s work “Sana da Canım (You Too Darling)”.

“Time Burglars” Closing Reception |
You Too Darling,  Gif Showcase | Rad Dar

April 1st, 2017, Saturday
19:30 Iskeletor DJ set
20:30 Sana da Canım (You Too Darling) feat Ağaçkakan

Upcoming Exhibition

→ March 28, 2017

FACE VALUE- MATERIAL MIMICRY | Julie Upmeyer | 06.04 – 06.05.2017

We are here, just standing.
We should have been other places, or perhaps we are exactly where we need to be.

What are we? What are we entitled to? Maybe our place, space, and surfaces are
about that. Or all of that has changed and we are something else now.

We became greater and we became smaller, we were hidden in plain sight. We came from the city streets and magnificent living rooms to this space. We are just standing here.

We might look the same, but has our essence changed?
If everything that made us has changed, does that change us also?”

Sine Ergün, Istanbul, 2017


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