Kill Sexy

KILL SEXY, Ayhan Ayyıldız
opening reception: 07.05.2015
exhibition: 07.05.2015- 14.06.2015

This exhibition is about a fictional story.
Though how far away it is from reality is disputable

After the 30’s the uniforms of the Turkish Army were designed by Coco Chanel. Those of German SS were prepared by Hugo Boss.

We know what these bright people contributed to the World from history classes.

Since more people is more aware of how America’s politics of war function nowadays and various lies come to light, soon they will need to find new ways to create new human material and recruit new soldiers.

This exhibition is about a fictional new road.
This exhibition is about perverted Capitalism.
The interests of companies and the capital cause wars; sanctimonious dangers are created so that there is the need to intervene.

Yes the necessity.
They need to manipulate people, in order to achieve this.
This exhibition is about the manipulation of people with the media force.
They get the help from the so called stars on TV and media who are in constant public attention

Thıs exhibition is about inferring connections from the context and putting them together all over, so that something entirely novel arises, with a new clarity and new statement.

Only those who handle these things together, can cause a new mood and therefor a militant dispute to serve the interests of the companies.