Tear_The_Jack_sequence_036-RGB-96dpiExhibition: April 12 – May 31, 2014

Artists: Zdravko Toic, Suzanne K. Stroebe, Bernard Cousin, Patrick J. Miller, Seyhan Musa, David Schafer, Christian Hansen, Azmi Mert Erdem, Tim Boyce, Ayşe Nur Gençalp, Berkay Buğdanoğlu

IN EXILE is a culmination of work from artists with different backgrounds, ethnicities and generations. What ties them together is having crossed paths in the big city. One that has hosted many creations and inspirations. The city that is sometimes depicted as a capitalist devil as well as a romantic god… The city of lights: New York City.

IN EXILE meditates on the contemporary artists’ voluntary exile in search of their creative license. The exhibition consists of four collages, three drawings, twelve photographs, two artist cd box sets, three artist books, one performative sculpture, fifteen artist EPs, three videos, ten sound recordings , three panel paintings, and countless memories recorded in visual/vocal diaries. These have all travelled from New York to Istanbul (with the exception of our artist-in-residence) to cultivate one performative sound installation with live visuals – to be presented to an audience on our opening night, April 12th.

IN EXILE is a group show looking at “exile” not only in a political sense, but in a state of mind, being, and understanding. Separation as an emotion is part of the human condition, it binds us together as it’s felt by all early in life. This exhibition centers around the idea of separation from ourselves in our physical and spiritual locations. By using works of art that have significant meaning, each contributing artist was asked to attach a sound to their their work. By culling from artists in New York City and Istanbul the items were documented in their voyage and history from origin to arrival at SPACE DEBRIS art space. This voyage will serve as material for a performance from the sound duo PS, to be performed during the opening night. The performance will then be recreated as a sound installation for the duration of the exhibition. The narrative flow of the show will follow how one comes to understand where we are as human beings, what the notion of home means, and how our language may not have adequate words to express feelings of being in an exiled universe.