Hush Now

Live Performance | 09.12.2017 | Saturday 7:30pm

An incarnated tale of contemporary Antigone.
Act 1.To be a woman or the imperfect embodiment of a «monster».
Act 2. To not be at all.

This work consists of hearing and questioning the voices that inhabit us saying: «I am here, I exist» through the female figure of Antigone. Beyond this however, there is a much more powerful voice that muffles the sound of them all saying: «you will listen to me!».

Saïda is exploring the figure of Antigone as a powerful and fallen queen. The idea is to verbalise this state of grace and disgrace through this fierce state that sometimes inhabits us in the day to day, at the edge of the unspeakable.
The performance will be the synopsis of a partial view of the world, a mirage of chaos, a possibility, a sublime.


Saïda Essafiry, born in Casablanca in 1983, is a visual artist living in Paris.
Her work is a reflection on identity, exile and power. She analyses these concerns through her own personal experiences and those that she witnesses in her immediate environment, translating them into different aesthetic and visual forms.

She’s interested in a kind of non-confrontational resistance which undermines codes, in the emergence of a dual language that is both poetic and sharp and entirely free from pathos.

Her work was exhibited in international group exhibitions as:  Galerie Venise Cadre Casablanca (Morroco), /si:n/ Festival of video and performance (Palestine), Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Paris and a solo show at Espace Van Gogh (Arles)… She also made a long collaboration with a theater company, Les Inachevés and Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy).

*The performance takes 20mins, You may RSVP to Doors open at 7:30 and performance start at 8pm.

**This project is a continuing dialogue of the “Collective Re-Conscious” series, started at Space Debris last year. Last February, a number of artists were invited to use the space of the “debris” as an “atelier” of sorts. Each artist was asked to materialize one artwork and then extend the invitation to other artists to join in the dialogue to continue the making, being, discussing, and keeping the hybrid dynamics of creation.

Saida was invited in collaboration with Nihal Martlı, as a continuation of the “Mise en Abyme” project as part of these series. Saida started the project in France then finalized in space through her two week residency stay at Space Debris.