We Live Here Too…

A realization of an exhibition through making…
Jesse Chun, Ayhan Ayyildiz, Jasmin Preiss, Seyhan Musa, Zeynep Birced

“We Live Here Too…” is group exhibition that explores the process of putting an exhibition together. It examines the constructs between the creative process and the exhibited work. Extending from Zdravko Toic’s installation “does mirror lie..” the exhibition will continue to grow and shift into we live here too organically. the title of the exhibition takes the name from Zdravko Toic’s quote “I have become an orchid and we live here too.. ” and meditates on the artist being in flux with their work and others.
The transitional phase started with Christopher Guess’ interactive installation “Interconnectivity: The Visual Spheres” and will continue to house interactive events where participants are invited to perform art lab activities, thinking forums and workshops, and the ‘process’ of making an exhibition is revealed through the making of the artists, curators and thinkers. The exhibition will be changing throughout the show, exhibiting various works by guest artists and participants, by the nature of it. A final selection will be shown at the closing.

We invite you to see through our minds and eyes and insight on the process of how it all comes together..

Zeynep Birced graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design pursuing a degree in BA(Hons) Fine Art. She lives and works in Istanbul focusing on many disciplines including sculpture, collage and installation. Her work revolves around hijacking and redefining, in other words; deconstructing imageries and forms to reconstruct a new meaning out of visual input through a new perspective. Her interests lie in the uncanny everyday object that is integral to living but goes without being realized as well as found media soaring with possibilities of manipulation and revelation. Although her media is rather versatile, her narrative analyses the disposition of the subject through process and regeneration. The human condition is in the essence of her work; the dualism (of the mind and matter) that one is devoured by perpetually, is conveyed through scrutiny of the relationship between the human and his object/subject that simultaneously is conceived and consumed.

Jasmine Preiss is Dusseldorf based artist. Her works are inter-disciplinary, ranging from painting, video and photography. In her body of work she examines themes of individuality versus community and examines it through process of collaboration. She has exhibited in various groups shows as well as solo, all around the world, including the cities Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, New York and Istanbul.

Ayhan Ayyıldız was born in Wülfrath, Germany and has lived in Germany and Turkey throughout his career. He works with wide-range media ranging from painting, collage, video and photography. in his work he examines the idea of creating through disruption and examines the popular culture constructs and mainstream media through a social commentary. His influences include but not limited to Dadaism and Appropriation.
Collabration and collective studio work is a major part of his work. He has exhibited widely around in Europe, and currently lives and works in Dusseldorf and Istanbul.

Jesse Chun is a New York based visual artist and photographer. Her work investigates notions of home in context of place, identity and mobility. Chun received her BFA from Parsons The New School for Design and MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Chun has exhibited in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Seoul, Toronto and Istanbul. Selected exhibitions and galleries include Space Debris Art, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Gallery Korea at Korean Culture Center NY, Heidi Cho Gallery, Peer Gallery, The Fringe (HK), Hong Kong Central Public Library Gallery, Toronto Contact Photography Festival, Incheon International Women Artists’ Biennale (South Korea), and the New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1.She is a recipient of The Korea Press Foundation Grant in 2011.