The Airmail Project is a global art experiment: 16 artists in 16 countries collaborating by post. Each artist starts a piece of work, sends it to a second artist to work on, who sends it to a third artist to finish. Each artist participates in three pieces of work.

The project was initiated in January 2014 by Richard Watkins and Lara Salmon. The opening show was in LA in October 2014 before travelling to Beirut for January 2015. It was the first exhibition at Camberwell Post Office in June 2015. And now we are proud to present it at SPACE DEBRIS Istanbul in July.

Opening Reception: July 8th, 18:30-20:30
Exhibition Dates: 08.07. 2015- 31.07.2015
Open through the summertime gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday 12pm-7pm

Artists: Richard Watkins from UK, Lara Salmon from USA, Federico Fernández Gärtner from Colombia, Nini Sum from China, Maria Mokbel from Hungary, Anastasia Belous from Ukraine, Dean Christie from Australia, Henk Holsheimer from Holland, Robert Ekblom from Sweden, Ben Ong from Malaysia, Saba Sadr from Lebanon, Marianne Saltiel from Mexico, Andile Dyalvane from South Africa, Rosie Cooper from New Zealand, Tara Jaffar from Iraq and Musonda Kabwe from Zambia.


WAY BEYOND HOME was started by Andile Dyalvane from South Africa, worked on by Nini Sum from China, finished by Rosie Cooper from New Zealand