“SANCTUARY” | C.M. Kösemen | 18.01 – 17.02.2018

“SANCTUARY” | C.M. Kösemen | 18.01 – 17.02.2018

Space Debris is proud to present new works by artist and researcher C. M. Kösemen showcasing over three years of artistic gestation, in collaboration with Empire Project.

This new exhibit, entitled “Sanctuary”, features drawings of “Organic Houses”; architectural fantasies in pencil; alongside Kosemen’s evolving world of subconscious, zoologically inspired fantasy visions.

The artist links the emergence of the “organic houses” in his work, in search for belonging to a place of comfort and a site for future plans and adventures:

“It won’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone is in constant search of a place they can truly call ‘of their own.’ Palisades of uncertainty surround our world at the moment; intensifying and mutating our quest for a place to belong. There is a talk of starting all over again in different countries, different worlds. Whatever happens, our memories and a honed sense of curiosity will offer us a site of intangible refuge that no force can deny.”

 Sanctuary will open in January 18, 2018, and may be seen at Space Debris until February 17, 2018.