Patron’s Experiment

Between September 1st and 23rd Istanbul’s Space Debris Art will host “Patron’s Experiment”. As part of the experiment, C. M. Kosemen signed a contract offered to him by a patron, who wishes to remain anonymous, and locked himself up in a studio for four days to paint with a loud electronic dance song played on repeat. The exhibit investigates the traditional roles of the artist and the patron, and the relations between art, power and capital.

“A song.. A verse. You are deeply affected and captivated all of a sudden; connotations, images swarm you…You want to see it on your wall. An artist you know is right there. He is at your reach.

 You, the Patron have a demand: you want the artist to produce artworks listening to the song“Howl At The Moon” on high volume, on repeat.

 The artist’s every minute is turned into a transaction…Confined to a monk’s isolation for 4 hours a day to create art…16 hours 23 works. Everything created will belong to the Patron. The artist knows this and the fact that he is being monitored. It is an aesthetic Panoptic!

“Patron’s Experiment” focuses on tense oscillations between the relations of the artist and the patron.
You must witness it!”
Ali Şimşek

A short trailer of the video produced by Lütfü Emre Çiçek can be viewed here:



Space Debris Art is proud to announce “Patron’s Experiment”, featuring the work of artist and researcher C M. Kösemen. For this experiment, Kösemen was approached by an anonymous Patron to sign a contract. In accordance with the clauses of the contract, he agreed to lock himself in a studio for a minimum of three days (twelve hours) and maximum of seven days (twenty-eight hours) in complete isolation. Throughout his imprisonment, Kösemen was constantly under surveillance, and was subjected to auditory “torture” in the form of a constantly-repeating, high-volume dance song. The Artist was to earn nine dollars per each song he could endure, which he did for 160 times over 16 hours. In a super-human endurance over 4 days, the artist was able to produce 23 works.

The show investigates the traditional roles of the artist and the patron, and the relations between art, power and capital. The 23 works will be displayed in the Space Debris Art Space that the experiment took place in. Also during the show, a video by Lütfü Emre Çiçek will be on display, as well as an essay by the renowned art critic and lecturer Ali Şimşek which chronicle the experiment.

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SANATONLINE Interview with the Artist, Ali Gazi, 29/08/2015
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