OBSTACLES 1-9 | Zeynep Birced | Curator: Seyhan Musa | 9.11.2016-10.12.2016

Space Debris is proud to present Zeynep Birced’s solo exhibition “Obstacles” opening on November 9th, presenting her most recent works consisting of mixed media installations. The exhibition will run through December 10th.

Obstacle by definition is a thing that impedes, stands in the way of, or hinders progress. More often these obstacles are intangible within the context of creation. Birced meditates on the obstacles one faces both in personal and professional endeavors and confronts the reasons of obstructions by mapping out its enabling factors. She analyzes the absence of reevaluation, questioning whether or not it would evolve into a progress to pro-create. The need to investigate the delicacy of the human condition, inherent in all her works, shows itself in a curious manner, enabling her to formulate her very own obstacles as if they are newly introduced objects in re-defining the contextual structures of human existence. Birced proposes these “objects” abstracted in their essence, and deconstructed in her making to then be re-constructed in the gallery space, as a new representation of creation. She is constantly seeking and researching answers for the mind to ponder and for the body to create in post-structralist materialism, and presents us with the obstacle she has overcome and has yet to overcome. This exhibit is an embrace and a celebration of all the obstacles.

Following her model of duality, Birced’s exhibition will be offered in two parts. The part II obstacles exhibition will be presented in Polligon “The Shooting Gallery” in spring season.

Zeynep Birced graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design pursuing a degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art. She lives and works in Istanbul focusing on many disciplines including sculpture, collage and installation. Her work revolves around deconstructing imageries and forms to reconstruct a new meaning out of visual input through introducing a new perspective to it, in other words hijacking and redefining it. Among her area of interest comes the uncanny everyday object that is integral to living but goes without being realized as well as found media soaring with possibilities of manipulation and revelation. Although her media is rather versatile, the narrative throughout her works run in the analysis of the disposition of any subject through process and regeneration. The human condition is in the essence of her work; the dualism (of the mind and matter) that one is devoured by perpetually, is conveyed through scrutiny of the relationship between the human and his object/subject that simultaneously is conceived and consumed.

*Space Debris is supported by SAHA as part of “Grant for the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives 2016–2017