Does Mirror Lie

27.09.2014 – 30.10.2014

There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.’
Aldous Huxley

 Space Debris is pleased to present Does Mirror Lie, an exhibition for the Croatian born, New York based artist Zdravko Toic’s new body of work. For his solo debut in Istanbul, Zdravko Toic is focusing on the essence of the oblique in his labor intensive diversely hued cut-outs. Through a meticulously repetitive practice, Toic exercises on the possibility of an unorthodox dialogue emerging from his own personal history yet manages to project a collective perception.

For over a decade, Toic has been pursuing a survey on the harmony between the body, as his corporeal territory for the creative discoveries, and the paper, as his artistic medium for boundless experiments. In his silent yet turbulent schemes of form and color, the artist has been investigating the issues ranging from body politics to gender identities. Initiating subtle discussions on matters often neglected by the vast majorities, Toic dismantles the set perceptions combining a hallucinative realm with tangible presence. The thin line between the logic and the ridiculed, the joyful and the bleak, and the vibrant and placid intervene, guiding the viewers to multiple readings on the artist’s arrangements of craftsmanship and spirituality.

In Does Mirror Lie, Toic is orchestrating an assembly maneuvering around abstraction and representation. In an ambiguously extensive color scale, the artist invites the viewers to an installation composed of numerous cut-outs, eventually composing an impressive array of multiple narratives. Stunning combinations of bright tones and compelling patterns unite in his portrayal of a bigger picture comprised of countless individualistic elements. Through a poetical balance of unburdening of the self and a blanketing of a cumulative mind, the artist reflects on the simplest aspect of human existence as well as its most complicated state. Accompanying to his wall installation is a three dimensional work, bearing multiple visual implications while articulating on the complications of the human form with its endless mysteries. Courageously descending into the essence of the body, both as a biological and emotional agent; Toic eventually aims to grasp the elements constituting the soul.

Zdravko Toic was born in former Yugoslavia (now Croatia) and moved to United States as an adolescent. He holds a B.S. in Arts with honors from the College of Staten Island and an M.A. in Painting from American University in Washington, D.C. Toic, who has exhibited in solo and groups shows in various cities including Tokyo, Perugia, Miami and Geneva, has collaborated with choreographer Vladimir Anguelov from the Loudoun Ballet Company using painting in stage design. Toic currently lives and works in New York.

[Text by: Osmancan Yerebakan]