“Counter Stance”

Berna Gülbey Derman
6.2.2015- 22.03.2015


“Like all people, we perceive the version of reality that our culture communicates”[1]  Feminisms: An Anthology of Literary Theory

Berna Gülbey Derman is challenging this very notion with her paintings and alternating the roles of the viewed and the viewer in her solo exhibition at Space Debris. The exhibition, consisting of all her new oil paintings, challenges the male dominated societal ideologies and shifts the notion of the male gaze upon the viewer with a stark feminine gaze. Gülbey Derman’s paintings offer an insightful criticism on how female body is perceived as the object of desire in patriarchal society and in art history.

Gülbey Derman’s depiction of the women are brave powerful and unafraid of their sexuality. She paints of an idealized world where they are situated in πuninhibited stance, free of being sexually objectified. Berna’s “Counter Stance” refutes the dominant culture’s views and beliefs and for this it is proudly defiant.
The exhibition will be on view until March 22nd 2015.

Berna Gülbey Derman, born in 1982 in Malatya. After she graduated from Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School in 2003, she started Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts, Painting department and graduated in 2009. Artist still lives and works in Istanbul.


[1] Feminisms: An Anthology of Literary Theory Robyn R. Warhol, Diane Price Herndl, Rutgers University Press, 1997