Away from Shelter


“A schizophrenic out for a walk is a better model than a neurotic lying on the analyst’s couch” Deleuze & Guattari Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1972).

This ongoing project between two friends, who have seemingly never-ending conversations, is a form of witchcraft. This exhibition is an attempt to capture some of the realizations and directions in their lives as artists – but will it help them? Can images ever lead to action? are the questions the artists are left with.

Inspired by the infamous hard to pin-down photographer Vivian Maier, they take her story of isolation and shifting identities as their starting point, leading them to a painful awareness and a need to express their cognition their own feelings on loneliness. In attempts to redefine the concept of loneliness, they map out the negative and positive aspects of their lived experiences. Is there an upside to the ‘unshelteredness’ of being lonely? Being unsheltered in this manner opens us up to exhilaration and exploratory walks. Merging their ideas with the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari, one might think of them as walks of the ‘schizophrenic’. In their continuous exploration of the book Deleuze and Guattaris Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1972), they embrace their position as at least part time schizophrenics; artists and philosophers trying to map out the ways in which they can redefine loneliness as a concept, not universally, but right now in this moment, for themselves and through theirselves, in the spirit of Deleuze and Guattari. These images became their personal notes and conceptual sketches of their sensate experience of loneliness in this world dominated by the ‘neurotic’ capitalist. As with loneliness, this world is both unsheltered and exhilarating. 

Using the gallery as a marked territory for an expressive pathway, they create a new space for the viewer to walk into their own loneliness. The space becomes a newly constructed temporary shelter for the artists where they take their walk in creating their ‘witchcraft’. Through the installation created at the space, a new way of looking at their loneliness is constructed. Maybe in their need of a shelter a new prison is constructed, which then later will need to be deconstructed once again.


Zeynep Sağım

Zeynep is one of those kids who started to express herself with drawing on walls at the age of three. Even though life led her to different areas of education; Literature and Gender Studies, she never gave up; and her passion for art increased over time. She eventually fed her passion with her previous studies and finally this long trip had a stop in Hacettepe University, Sculpture Department in 2013 with more to come. Sağım examines the concepts of deconstruction, re-making and humor in her works. She works in various media including video, photography, and site-specific installations, besides traditional sculpture just like many other artists at her age. Influenced by the concept of change and instability she attempts to express her obversations on mundane feelings by mostly reshaping objects into unfamiliar forms out of their function.

Tina Hovi 

While attending the Nordic Art School in the north of Finland for fine arts, Tina Hovi changed direction and earned her degrees in art history and gender studies instead. At the moment she is working with different artists using the philosophies of Deleuze and Guattari, and is trying to bring schizoanalysis into peoples lives. She mainly uses discussion as the base for her projects, but also participates in the art works of partnering artists. Her latest project was the schizoanalysis workshop and reading group at Galleria B in her hometown Turku, a joint project with Finnish artist Riina Hannula.