“Aletheia”, the solo exhibition of Bengisu Bayrak curated by Ali Şimşek, will open on May 28th at Space Debris. Consisting of Bayrak’s most recent works including mixed-media collages and oil paintings, the exhibition will continue through July 2nd, and will also host a performance programme in conjunction with the exhibition, in collaboration with Performistanbul.

ALETHEIA*/ Bengisu Bayrak / 28 May-2 July, 2016 Curator: Ali Şimşek

*Aletheia- Truth – As it was told, the ones who drink from the waters of Lethe River of Hades forget about the agony of the past. “Lethe” stems from “letea”, which means ‘to forget’ in ancient Greek. Forgetting. The truth is covered with the blanket of forgetting.

“Don’t look for them… she said. She found them.
What is found are the dreams washed up on the shore. The orange, shattering face of the truth. Bengisu Bayrak connects a book of tales, lines and letters from newspapers, to a universal tragedy. With the coincidental convulsiveness of the newly found from the enchanted world of the fairytale. ‘The Big Migration’ will transform into Turkish and Greek news by leap of faith.
Bengisu Bayrak’s collages and drawings, focus on the taints of the flood approaching Europe from both shores of the Aegean..on the grand humanity sinking deep in Aegean blues, leaving orange lifejackets with agony… ALETHEIA is the images of the truth trying to surface, hitting on the shores..of words and sentences that are found and unforgettable.” Ali Şimşek

Bengisu Bayrak was born in West Germany in 1978. She graduated from Marmara University GSF Art Department in 2001, and received her Master’s Degree in 2005 from Istanbul Bilgi University SBE Cinema-TV Department as well as receiving her licence in art from Marmara University GSE Painting (2008). Having exhibited in man various exhibitions worldwide, the artist’s works are in special collections in USA, Germany,Turkey, Italy, Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Bayrak is also the head of the Nişantaşı University Art and Design Department.

In her works, Bayrak plays with the perception of what is real and what is not, and creates her works layering the superficial with the real, amongst the ambiguity of the mind resulted from it. Deciding on the medium depending on the subject matter, the artist coincides these distinctive materials with concepts of the truth, reality, counterfeit, consciousness, time and space.