Starting on International Day of Peace September 1st, Istanbul-based artist Melis Bursin will take a portrait of an artist each day and share as part of the #sanatzamani project @ SPACE DEBRIS. A selection of these portraits then be available as a limited edition prints to be sold at the event organized at the space in a month.All proceeds will go to Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection. For more information on the foundation please click here.

Gokcan Demirkazik / Writer & Researcher


Sine Ergun / Writer & Curator


Naz  Cuguoglu/ Curator

naz copy

Sirma Doruk /Artist

sirma copy

Cem Doruk / Film Producer

cem copy

Tuğçe Yuzbaşıoğlu, Stylist / Fashion Designer


Zeynep Birced, Visual Artist