Mamut Art Project Performance Programme

Did You Notice the Performance?

Date: 23 – 24.04.2016
Location: Mamut Art Project, Küçükçiftlik Park
Artists: Murat Bulut Aysan, Itır Demir, İ. Ata Doğruel, Gabriel EA Clark ve Ebru Sargın
Curators: Simge Burhanoğlu ve Seyhan Musaoğlu

The performances, which will take place at Mamut Art Project during the weekend of April 23rd and 24th, with the curation of Space Debris founder, Seyhan Musaoğlu and Performistanbul’s founder Simge Burhanoğlu, will explore the value and importance of performance art today. How is performance art seen and/or experienced? Murat Bulut Aysan’s performance encountered unexpectedly will question this paradigm. Ata Doğruel’s long durational performance titledWithout Ownership that will last 18 hours evaluate on the abstract and tangible conflicts of performance art. Itır Demir will examine the permanency of performativity in our daily lives and will enforce the viewer to re-evaluate their roles as the audience with her interactive performance Time Tunnel. Gabriel EA Clark will build a sound composition evolving from something tangibly musical to something more social, exploring the concept of loneliness as a performer while examining the interactions of the viewers and will create a shared experience and help confirm the question –loneliness is impossible. Ebru Sargın will wait to be discovered and noticed with her performance I am Here.

23 – 24.04.2016

Murat Bulut Aysan
Throughout the day

Inspired by the daily conversations one has, this performance is based on engaging the viewers wıth dialogues, exploring the performative nature and protocol in the routines we perform specific to experiencing art. The artist re-evaluates the “place” for performance in everyday life with unexpected encounters and formations and reframing social interactions.

 Bio: Murat Bulut Aysan pursues a diverse practice, which focuses on questioning notions of identity and agency by exploring and reframing social interactions, protocols through various mediums such as drawing, painting, participatory events and performances, video, interactive sculpture and artefact works. He is also a cofounder of the London Artcollective DA!.

İ. Ata Doğruel
Out of Possession
11:00 – 20:00, 9  hours

The artist stands behind a frame for two days, nine hours a day, positioned as to have at least one part of his body within the frame’s limits. The performance question: “Would you like to buy this artwork for 9 hours a day?” explores the nature of performance art, based on the foundations of research and criticism. The performance is aiming to inspire the audience to inquire about the performance art itself, by highlighting its characteristics as being process oriented, where the process’ end is in sync with the completion of the performance, and also its nature as being an art form which is impossible to be sold to anyone.

Bio: Performance artist İ. Ata Doğruel (Kütahya, 1991) aims to push his physical and mental boundaries with long durational performances, by focusing on the concepts such as abstracting and endurance. He is studying Media and Visual Arts in Koç University, where he had initially had begun studying Law. Among his previous works, the artist has realized performances such as 9 days of hunger and 13 days of silence; with the intention of bringing up new questions, in the course of exploring himself, the nature and the universe. Doğruel, uses the performance art as a tool to pursue his search for significance.


Ebru Sargın
I am Here
13:00 – 16:00, 3 hours

The artist desires to convey to what extent the performance art presents the elements of reality, and is a part of the essence of our lives. As the audience comes in the fair walking on the carpet, the artist sits there as a piece of the carpet waiting to be noticed at the corner, for the duration of the three hour long performance.

Bio: Performance artist Ebru Sargın (Çanakkale, 1991) relates in her works to diverse lifestyles, to the alienation that people face, and to the path that is laid upon the individual along with the introduction of modern development. While the artist has the notion of “life” all by itself in the core of her works, she aims to unfold the questions of ‘today’ and “what are we doing?”, at the cumulative end of the process initiated by the inquiries of “what, why, how and who”. Sargın has started to study performance art in 2015, at Studio Oyuncuları in 2015, and she is currently continuing her undergraduate studies in Performing Arts at Bilgi University.

Gabriel EA Clark
Exploring Alone
17:00-17:30, 30 minutes

Gabriel EA Clark builds a sound composition evolving from something tangibly musical to something more social, exploring the concept of loneliness as a performer while examining the interactions of the viewers and creates a shared experience and help confirm the question –loneliness is impossible. This performance concept originated from the question: isn’t it impossible to be completely alone?
 It illustrates this conundrum both visually and sonically by evolving the sounds from something tangibly “musical” to something more “social”. The performer creates a shared experience and help confirm the question – Loneliness is impossible.

Bio: Gabriel EA Clark has worked on variety of projects in the UK and Istanbul since around 2000. His work varies from ‘industrial’ with his UK-based band Arkam Asylum to more performance-based projects such as Chorni. Gabriel last performed at MultiRaid festival with his current sound collaboration project Isidor Fink. He often collaborates with one other sound artist for each performance and hopes to investigate the relationship – conflict or collaboration – between different musical disciplines and the space around them in their performances.


Itır Demir
Time Tunnel
15:00-17:00, 2 hours

The body becomes a part of time and space, as the body itself constitutes the domain where communication occurs with others. The bodies that are connected, from in turn an experimental ground within the boundaries of time and space. The performer emphasizes the importance of the presence of the process and the audience, where she gives appointments to audience members in the aim of meeting up in two months. Derived from the routine daily experiences, the performance takes the audience to a journey in near future, in the purpose of incorporating them as an actual element of the performance itself. The objects collected by the audience members who attend the performance, drive them in a different course of process, and ensures its continuity.

Bio: Itır Demir (Bruxelles, 1984) works and lives in Istanbul. She completed her bachelor’s degree from Sculpture department of Kocaeli University and master’s degree from Scuplture department of Marmara University. She is a PhD. Candidate in Isik University’s Science of Art department. She has been involved in many international and local shows such as: “Alice”, StudioKEIN (2016, İstanbul); “21 Artists”, 3Spaces (2013, London); “performanceopen”, PerformanceSpace (2013, London); “IPA Summer 2012”, PasajIST, (2012, Istanbul); “Uncanny Games”,Tahtakale Hammam, (2011, İstanbul); “Where Fire Has Struck”, Depo (2011, İstanbul); “Performance Days”, KargArt (2010, İstanbul); “My Name is Casper”, Historical Sümerbank Building (2009, İstanbul); “Visibility Project”, GalataPerform (2008, İstanbul); “Performans Days 07”, GalataPerform (2007, İstanbul)

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