Goodbye – Hello

“I am who I am from all the things I wish I never saw and all the things I tried to leave behind. The things that brought me to this day are all the obstacles I thought would get caught up in my feet, yet they just added another step on to my ladder. All things labeled as good or bad, things that are thought to only belong to me are actually a part of all of us.
My life, our life.
Everything’s a whole.
I am becoming a whole.
We are becoming a whole.”

In collaboration with Performistanbul, Ebru Sargın will present her performance “Goodbye-Hello” at Space Debris in conjunction with Zeynep Birced’s “Obstacles” currently on view.
This performance will both be a celebration of and farewell to all obstacles we face, individually and collectively. We hope you can come and share with us.

Important note: As the performance will be realized with audience participation, we kindly ask viewers to bring an object that is meaningful to them.

Ebru Sargın, born in Çanakkale in 1991,  is a performance artist living in Istanbul. She relates to diverse lifestyles, to the alienation that people face, and to the path that is laid upon the individual along with the introduction of modern development in her works. While she has the notion of “life” all by itself in the core of her works, she aims to unfold the questions of ‘today’ and “what are we doing?”, at the cumulative end of the process initiated by the inquiries of “what, why, how and who”.
Sargın has started to study performance art in 2015, at Studio Oyuncuları in 2015, and she is currently continuing her undergraduate studies in Performing Arts at Bilgi University. Now Sargın, continues her performance as an artist of performance art platform Performistanbul.