DEVOUR collage making workshop



SPACE DEBRIS  invites all art enthusiasts to the “Devour” workshop activity with artist Zeynep Birced. The activity will take place on Wednesday December 3rd at 4pmThe two-hour workshop will be conducted by Zeynep Birced, an Istanbul-based cross-disciplinary artist known for her two-dimensional collage landscapes as well as her three-dimensional appropriations and installation work.

As part of the current exhibition “We Live Here Too..” Birced will be demonstrating making a collage work (as the ones included in the exhibition) and will also talk about her interest in using the collage technique.Birced is enchanted in this way of image making in her body of work and involved in the through process of researching images of interest, deconstructing objects and images, cutting, pasting, ripping then putting them back together… in a sense a way of “devouring” images to create new.

Birced will walk the participants through a brief lecture on the importance and history of collage making in artistic forms and will conduct an on-site collage making session that will allow all participants, regardless of their artistic skill, to reveal their hunger for  “devouring” image making

The participants will have the opportunity showcase their work as part of the “We Live Here Too..” exhibition.

The Devour workshop has a limited participation. If you wish to join, simply send an email to with your name, and the subject line “Devour Collage Workshop”.

Workshop Date: 3.12.2014  / 4pm-6pm


“Deconstructing objects and images; things, has always been an integral part of my living because I’ve always wondered what more there is to a subject, what more can be revealed and constructed from it. Which further meaning could I attain and consequently convey through the subject I deal with. This has reflected much into my art; my methodology in making has always been built on this curiosity of objects. This has developed through cutting fabrics to make 2D models of fashion design pieces in my childhood, and progressed into rendering metaphors of ‘image’ and searching what the image held in a more abstract understanding. In later years it became a more tangible mean of self-expression where I rigorously went on ‘image-hunting’ and searching for more data/meta for a narrative I aspired to conceive. The interaction between the data and the Meta is also a field I am intrigued by as in how the identity of one thing is revealed within context of the world. Thus I started bringing images together to form new narratives out of them and discard the former responsibilities and interpretations of it and see how my perspective on the specific image works within my content. I started doing so manually in my earlier days of this experimentation and moved on working digitally for it was more liberating thus had more space for mistakes and try outs. Some time after I realized this was one of my discharging methods; it was sort of an outlet, a relief of my discipline and my practice as an artist where I work in many other fields and media. Collage making became a quintessential method in conveying how my brain works visually in depicting my environment.” Zeynep Birced