Conversation & Performance on “Point Counter Point”

Moderator and Curator: NESLİ GÜL
January 12th, Thursday, 19:00

 ITIR DEMİR will perform her piece on January 12th at 6:30pm.

Following Itir Demir’s performance, starting at 7pm, a conversation between Ebru Yetişkin and Fırat Arapoğlu will take place at Space Debris, in conjunction with the Space Debris exhibition “Point Counter Point” consisting of new works by artists Itır Demir, Kardelen Fincancı, Özge Topcu and Seher Uysal, and curated by Nesli Gül. The conversation will take a look on the conceptual framework of the exhibition focusing on media and marginalisation through different perspectives and open up a discussion on related matters regarding the works.

Speaker // Ebru Yetişkin
İTÜ Humanities and Social Sciences Scholar and an independent curator Associate Proffessor Dr. Ebru Yetişkin, will start a conceptual dialogue on how the masses perceptions and actions are manipulated through mass media. Especially the concepts of social-pyschology and communication terms such as “pluralist ignorance”, “biased approval”, “wrong consensus bias”, “reverb rooms”, “bigotry” and “filtered bubbles” that had increased with usage of social media will be discussed.

Speaker // Fırat Arapoğlu
Istanbul Kemerburgaz University Sociology Department Academician, critic and curator Firat Arapoğlu, focuses on the concept of “empathy” triggered by the creation of “identity” “loss of identity and “the other” .