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London based artist Gaynor O’Flynn was in Istanbul to create a new performative work, BEINGHUMAN.

Commissioned by Space Debris Art, Gaynor O’Flynn created a unique inter disciplinary work – responding through voice, sound, technology & moving image to the experience of being here, right now in Istanbul.

The work was created in situ with selected inter disciplinary artists –
Uygur Vural (cello), Pinar Derin Gencer (vocals), Nihat Karataşlı (interaction designer), Irmak Karasu (videographer)

The work consisted of a unique composition for voice & cello.

During the performance Gaynor  wore an EEG headset, her brain activity creating circles of light for this unique art experiment. With the help of the audience & fellow artists, she attempted to still her mind, slow down the interactive circles of light & turn the gallery space to black.