ARTSHO5 Workshops

After the main event on Friday, we will run 4 workshops in our lab over the weekend, to explore social issues with creative processes.

Please sign up via email to

November 22nd / 11am-2pm / Workshop 1 – SONIC STORYTELLING

Curator Seyhan Musaoglu will share her expertise as a sound engineer and sonic artist, guiding participants around the city to take field recordings, then teaching them how to weave daily sounds into transcendental narratives. The purpose of this session is to develop a deeper understanding of how our sensory landscape affects our ability to be inventive and open to change.

November 22nd / 3-5pm / Workshop 2 – SHADES OF ACTIVISM

Curator Onika Simon will lead a group brainstorm and sketching session that explores the future of citizenship and the collective sense of civic duty. The purpose of this session is to identify and define opportunities for new design innovations along the stages between awareness of social imbalance and action for social change.

 November 23rd / 11am-2pm / Workshop 3 – SPACE AND FLUXUS

Curator Gaspar Bonta will lead the group creation of a 3D installation, while facilitating a discussion about the principles of thinking spatially and building fluidly.

November 23rd / 3-5pm / Workshop 2 – CONSTRUCTIVE DISRUPTION

Curators Seyhan Musaoglu, Onika Simon and Gaspar Bonta will celebrate the counter-intuitive practice of breaking and obstruction, for progressive and more meaningful outcomes. Atists Kubilay Mert Ural and Cani Akerson will be making work live, allowing participants to create with them through using traditional studio practices but breaking them. The purpose of this session is to explore the most challenging aspect of experimentation; the perception of failure.